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Softimage's EOL

Hi folks,

As you might know Autodesk announced Softimage's EOL (end of life) a couple of weeks ago, since then all forums/mailing-lists has gone crazy and that's why I've been waiting a bit to write about this.

Let's be clear, I understand that for some people Softimage may looks like legacy software and the whole EOL thing seems reasonable, but it is not and perhaps the only reason to perceive it that way is its lack of marketing. The decision is not about the software itself, it is about Autodesk's planning and is just sad that they don't consider Softimage as part of their future.

I know what you're thinking and I ...

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Rigging Reel 2013

Hi guys,

I just updated my reel (unfortunatelly had to cut a lot of stuff) and I'm now actively looking for a job opportunity as Character TD/Technical Artist (preferably full-time, I'm ok with relocation). I'd really appreciate if you could pass this around.

Here's also a link to my resume, just in case ;-)

Thank you!

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QuickLauncher met Maya

Hey folks,

I'm coming out of the Softimage bubble and trying to port some of my open source projects to maya.

It's funny, of all of them QuickLauncher is the simplest but one of the most useful at the same time (I cannot live without it) , so I decided to give it a try and there's a maya version in the repo now :D

I'm still struggling with the maya plugin system, so the installation process is not as straight forward as in softimage, but I'll get there.

Thanks to David Martinez and David Moulder for their support.


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flASCII bird

Hi folks,

In the past few days has been a lot of buzz around Flappy Bird. I'm not a gamer, but I couldn't resist the temptation and did this terminal-based tribute... and I won't take it down ;D


Have fun!

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RigLab: Preview #002

Hi guys,

Today I want to share a new preview of the rigging framework I've been working on, it's not production ready yet but I think there's enough features to make it interesting and somehow different of the usual rigging tools out there.

Let me know what you think :)


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RigLab: Metadata

Hi folks,

This entry will be a bit techy, but not too much... stay with me! :)

First, what is metadata?

Metadata is "data about data", it describes information about the contents of the item itself or its components... it's a note for our selves, so we don't have to figure out that information from scratch the next time.

Metadata by example: Let's say we have an asset composed by several meshes and we need to collect all of them by scripting on export.

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QuickLauncher v0.1.3

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that QuickLauncher has been updated adding support for script packages, I uploaded my own scripts to github in case anyone needs some samples to get started.

There is also a quick demo on vimeo... I know, my english is not very good, but I'm doing my best :)


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DNA buildup test

Hi guys, I just wanted to share some quick excercises I did for an activity at xsiforum.

First attemp: Particles

Scene file and timelapse here.

Second attemp: Strands

ICETrees here.

Back to rigging...


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Justin's R&D

Hi guys,

Yesterday I found some early R&D work I did for Justin before joining the team in Spain (april 2009).

These videos are from the early days and we ended up redesigning almost everything, but it's interesting see the progression and initial goals.

It is also interesting see how naive I was at the time, jumping right into it without thinking too much in terms of a system (unified guide? really?)... good old days :)

More videos here.

Hope you enjoy, Cheers!

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A rigger's journey

Today I was thinking about how I have shifted my focus as my career moves forward and I realized that I'm not that special, actually a bunch of friends have been following the same pattern on their careers.

So, why not write about it?

First steps

Exciting times ahead!

Everything is new and each successful setup is a victory, I remember myself learning new things every night before going to sleep and feeling like a boss. At this stage you should be learning the basics, nothing fancy, but it's like when you learn a magic trick, you can't stop showing/talking about it.

This is the time to decide if you really want to be a rigger ...

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