Cesar Saez

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  • Very strong skills in technical threads as character rigging and programming.
  • Knoledge of all the processes in a 3D production.
  • Proved experience with software such as Maya, Softimage and 3dsmax.


Software Developer, Performance Technology Group at Animal Logic

February 2016 – Present (Sydney, Australia)

The Performance Technology Group is in charge of the development of the the next-gen animation technology at Animal Logic (with a strong focus on high performance).

Since I joined the group, I've had the opportunity to be heavily involved developing highly optimized cpp solvers for our animation control rigs, help with the development of bridges between our in-house CPU/GPU deformation stack and Autodesk Maya, designing and implementing considerable chunks of the riggin backend, as well as being one of the main authors of our in-house rigging authoring application.

Senior Character TD at Animal Logic

February 2015 - February 2016 (Sydney, Australia)

During my time at the rigging department, I had the opportunity to work on several hero characters/props of the upcoming LEGO films (Batman, Ninjago and LEGO 2), including large mechanical rigs and fairly complex fully procedural face rigs.

As a senior character TD, I also helped to improve AL's rigging framework by refactoring important pieces of the rig builder and by implementing many rigging components widely used in production; including the fusiform muscle module, a novel approach to solve spline-ish animation rigs and its volume-lossless/painting-free deformation system (developed in close collaboration with Josh Murtack and Raffaele Fragapane).

Freelancer Rigging Consultant

October 2013 - November 2013

Troubleshooting and optimization of the character rigs for The Pit and The Pendulum, part of Extraordinary Tales, an animated anthology of 5 stories adapted from Edgar Allan Poe.

Directed by Raul García and narrated by Guillermo del Toro.

Freelancer Character TD at Able&Baker S.L.

May 2013 - November 3013 (Madrid, Spain)

Worked as character TD in the upcoming TV series Momochi developing the hero character rig and animation tools.

Pipeline Consultant at Ideas Fijas

September 2013 - Octuber 2013 (San Luis, Argentina)

Evaluation and diagnostic of the production pipeline for the upcoming animated feature film Kiribati.

Rigging Supervisor at Kandor Graphics

August 2010 – July 2012 (Granada, Spain)

Working on the animated feature film Justin and the Knights of Valour, my responsabilities included:

  • Coordinating the people within the rigging team and the department itself inside the whole production plan.
  • Develops tools and plug-ins to optimize animation and rigging workflow.
  • Implements animation control rigging systems for complex characters and props.
  • Oversees the characters, vehicles and props rigging through the animation pipeline.
  • Troubleshoot and wrangle character-rigging issues for artists within various disciplines.

Senior Character TD at Kandor Graphics

April 2009 – August 2010 (Granada, Spain)

Working on the animated feature film Justin and the Knights of Valour, my responsabilities included:

  • Implements animation control rigging systems for complex characters and props.
  • Oversees the characters, vehicles and props rigging through the animation pipeline.
  • Develops tools and plug-ins to optimize animation and rigging workflow.
  • Troubleshoot and wrangle character-rigging issues for artists within various disciplines.

Freelancer Character TD at Gizmo Studio

September 2009 – October 2009 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Working on an Honda TV comercial, my responsabilities here were:

  • Develop the universal/generic character rig.
  • JellyFish character (modeling, texture/shading and rigging).

Freelancer Character TD at Digital Rebel Animation Studio

August 2009 - September 2009 (Barcelona, Spain)

I worked developing the tools to automate the creation of facial rigs for the upcoming animated TV series Holy Monks.

Lead Character TD at Gizmo Studio

March 2008 - January 2009 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I worked on several TV Commercials doing tasks such as

  • Character rigging.
  • Developing tools to optimize the animation and rigging workflow.
  • Character animation.

Freelancer Character TD at McFly Studio

August 2008 - December 2008 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Working on the upcoming animated TV series El ángel de la música developing the rig of hero characters.

Character TD at Ideas Fijas

January 2007 - March 2008 (San Luis, Argentina)

I worked on the animated shortfilm AnCiedades doing tasks such as:

  • Developing custom facial rigs.
  • Character Animation.

Generalist at 3dmedia

January 2006 - December 2006 (Santiago, Chile)

Working as generalist on several architecture visualization projects.


Universidad Central, Chile

  • Academic Degree of Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering, Engineering.
  • Professional Degree of Construction Engineer (passed with distinction), Engineering.

Independent Coursework

  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Coursera)
  • Crafting Quality Code (University of Toronto, Coursera)
  • Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Rice University, Coursera)
  • Introduction to Systematic Program Design (The University of British Columbia, Coursera)
  • Discrete Optimization (The University of Melbourne - Coursera)
  • Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications (Brown University, Coursera)
  • Linear and Discrete Optimization (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Coursera)
  • Algorithmic Thinking (Rice University, Coursera)
  • The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color (Wesleyan University, Coursera)
  • A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior (Duke University, Coursera)
  • English course (Duolingo)


The following is a selection of recommendations from http://linkedin.com/in/cesarsaez

Iker J. de los Mozos, Character TD at Walt Disney Animation Studios,

“It's a true pleasure working with César everyday. He finds solutions for problems that no one came up with yet, and contributes to the department doing a solid and fast work, always raising the bar in each assignment.

His strong will to help people here in the studio makes him also very appreciated.”

Samy Fecih, Character Animator at DreamWorks Animation India,

“I've been working with Cesar on Justin, he was a pleasure to work with, Cesar always had the patience and the can do attitude in front of the animators expectations, he was very professional and he contributed a lot in the good relationship between the rigging and the animation department.

He's definitely a good assets to have in your team!”

Juan Miguel Vadell, Senior Character Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks,

“He was the head of rigging department and he did a great job managing his team and all the animation department requirements. Of course he is a very talented rigger but his "best skills" are in his personality, he is always with a smile in his face and he drove a wonderful relationship between both departments (animators and riggers) making much easier the job to the animators.”

Horacio Mendoza, Lead FX Technical Director at Framestore CFC,

“I know César since he started to work in Argentina few years ago, from the beginning he's been a smart person with an amazing attitude, with great technical knowledges and always learning and investigating by himself in order to improve his skills. He like to solve problems, find several ways to manage issues on any platform, and ready to share his knowledge as well. He's also a passionate about art and has great eyes to details. A nice person to work with.”

Ricard Miras, Co-owner at Juggernaut Animation Studio,

“The best assets of César are their creativity in front of problems and his incredible human touch.

During his time as Lead Character TD, he worked to provide flexibility and reliability to the rigs, as well as tools for all the departments.

Then he took the helm of the rigging department and thanks to him we were able to work as a solid team, bringing solutions for all the studio, and facing long-term goals for next productions. And after all this, it seems that we only scratch the surface of his ideas and potential.”

Ángel Pavón, Senior R&D Software Developer at Ilion Animation Studios,

“César has an excellent balance of innovation and productivity. He is always thinking about faster, cleaner and reusable ways to achieve things but never forgets that his tools and rigs will be used by people in a real production.

Furthermore, he likes teamwork and is willing to help colleagues. I am lucky to be working with him.”

Ernesto Esteso, Character Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks,

“I've been working with César over the last year at Kandor, and I can only take my hat off with his work.

César is an excellent rigger, making rigs that are very ease to use, very stable, and the most important for me, I can work with them in real time. He is always searching for new tools to implement in his rigs, to make them even better.

I recommend him without any doubt.”

Emily Döhler-Knox, Animator at Mikros Image,

“I had the opportunity to work with César at Kandor Graphics. He created rigs that were good, fast, and easy to use for the Animators. He is a team player who is always positive and professional. It was a pleasure working with César and I think he would be an asset to any studio.”

Juan Siquier, Surfacing Supervisor at Kandor Graphics,

“I have worked with Cesar in several 3D projects at Kandor Graphics and I can say he ́s a good professional who will commit to 100% in any project with remarkable technical skills and great abilities for rigging.

In addition he is a very good companion, friendly and positive. He is Always willing to help his fellows.”

Nicolás Rossi, Character TD & Pipeline Development at Assembly,

“I have had the luck of working side by side with César and I learned a lot from him. He is always thinking out of the box solutions for every needs within a production environment. His rigs, tools, knowledge, talent and ideas makes him an unique artist.”