fStretch-like deformations

Some time ago someone asked in si-community.com about how to replicate some deformations seen in a nice demo from Clovis Gay (who is also inspired by the fStretch plugin for Maya) so I decided give it a shot.

fStretch demo

I'm solving it in 2 steps; the first ICETree stores a tension/stress map before any deformation, the second does the same after the deformations and compares the results. The delta between both states is used to drive a push operator (sort of).

There's nothing faster than ICE for this kind of prototypes, love it! :)

fStretch ICETree

As a side note, I'm working on some personal projects mostly for Softimage but I'm also giving a closer look at pyMel (not as bad as I remembered). Still early but seems possible make them cross-platform, imply some extra work but seems like a nice oportunity to learn a lot about Maya, we'll see...

More updates soon, stay tunned


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