Softimage EOL

Hi folks,

As you might know Autodesk announced Softimage's EOL (end of life) a couple of weeks ago, since then forums/mailing-lists have gone crazy and that's why I've been waiting a bit to write about this.

I understand that for some people Softimage may look like legacy software and the whole EOL thing seems reasonable, but it is not! and perhaps the only reason to perceive it that way is because of the lack of active marketing from Autodesk. I think the decision has nothing to do with the software itself, it is about Autodesk's planning and it's sad that they don't consider Softimage as part of their future.

I know, Maya is a great software and we should just move on, but Maya lack on some areas where Softimage shines, like those depending on non-linear workflow or the entire ICE framework. I have no doubts that Autodesk is working hard to address those rough corners, but they will need some time and that's exactly why I don't fully understand why they are killing Softimage now.

If you want to read more about Softimage's EOL, here is an nice interview by Miguel Gomez to a group of Softimage users (Jordi Bares, Miquel Campos, Xuan Prada, David Bastidas, Manuel Huertas... and me! :D ), spanish only.

What's next? Well, move on.

I've been trying to refresh my maya-fu over the past couple of weeks, and I'll probably take another look at Houdini once I feel comfortable working with Maya again. Unfortunately it is not about the software I like but the one which allows me to be employable again.

That's it, no more Softimage rants from me.


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