Ditching comments

Hi folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm ditching Disqus (the service powering comments) from this website in an effort to eliminate trackers. I silently removed google analytics some time ago for the same reason, but this time hurts a bit more because comments are the way we have to interact with each other and I felt like it deserves an explanation.

First things first: I love receiving your feedback, everytime I get a message/email from someone because of an article or some of my open source projects it totally makes my day, even "harsh" comments push me to do better by correcting some missconception or learning something new. As a sef-taught I owe a lot to the community and the whole purpose of having a website is to, in some way, pay back by sharing/helping newcomers and pushing myself by learning from your feedback. Big thanks to all of you for your support through the years.

Said that, I also have strong concerns about online privacy and the status of the web, I surely take measures to stay away from ads/trackers by using all sort of privacy oriented plugins, extensions, VPN and whatnot; but I feel like it is totally unfair from my part to push trackers to anyone in exchange for the ability to leave a comment on this website or to feed my ego by checking stats.

There might be some of you thinking what's wrong with ads/trackers? I have nothing to hide!

Well, most cloud-based services like google analytics or social widgets (facebook's likes and what not) require the inclusion of a little script to provide the service, said script is also used to track the visitor building an unique profile (which is a key piece to targeted ads... and who know what else, you have no say on what that data is used for). This alone is horrifying, but you have to consider that around 60% of the web uses google analytics and social widgets are rapidily becoming omnipresent, allowing these companies to literally follow you from website to website reconstructing your whole browser history without your knoledge/agreement.

This is wrong, we are not just talking about some script slowing down the website by adding some extra network requests, it's about respecting your freedom! Websites are literally trading your digital persona without your knowledge.

I know this website alone makes no difference to the googles and facebooks of the world, but it's about integrity and acting according to my believes... even if it means giving up on some convenient services along the way.


Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to ping me on twitter or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!