QuickLauncher v2.0

Hi folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated quicklauncher to v2.0.

A brief summary of the changes:

  • This version is maya-only, you can still download the previous version from here though.
  • There are no dependencies for general use (requires PySide but it’s included with Maya >= 2014).
  • The menu behaves like maya tab menu (node editor) but lists commands and user scripts instead of nodes.
  • The auto-complete is based on QCompleter instead of me filtering QAction as in previous versions (cleaner, more stable, better).
  • Settings are managed through QSettings instead of custom json files.
  • There’s a testsuite (92% coverage at the moment), so I will not break everything in each update.
  • MIT license.

You can get quicklauncher from the github repo as usual. Please be sure to read the readme, I did my best to explain everything you need to know before use it or contribute to the project.

Hope you like it,