Amaranth v1.0

Hi folks!

Last year was all about open source for me, I finally removed my Windows partition and went full Linux (btw, gotta love arch linux), also decided to develop and share my projects under open source licenses (check out my github profile) and have been contributing to open source projects in hopes of giving back to the community. This post is about the latter.

I just wanted to share that there’s a new release of Amaranth: a productivity addon for Blender by Pablo Vazquez (a.k.a. venomgfx).

I had always wanted to dive a bit deeper into Blender and this project seemed to be the perfect excuse to do it, so I gave it a try and decided to contribute by doing a much needed refactoring of the code base.

The project is now completely modular, so it is much easier to maintain and add new features, each module registers/unregisters itself as long as it’s imported into the main file and everything just works.

So, that’s it… if you’re interested in Blender please visit Amaranth’s website and give it a try. I honestly think it’s worth it :)