Testing as a medium

Hi folks,

Today I gave my first “brain swap” presentation at Animal Logic… And guess what was the topic: testing, of course 😃

Why testing? Because I think there’s a misunderstanding and lack of focus on testing between technical artists/technical directors in our industry, and every effort in terms of spread what testing is about helps.

Said that, it’s tough to introduce an entire area of specialization in less than an hour, the more you know the more specialized everything gets and I didn’t wanted to go there and confuse people. So I ended up focusing in fundamental concepts instead, drawing some parallels between the classic paradigm and the scientific method, and looking for ways to integrate testing in the development process in a way that it presents short-terms benefits to developers.

Unfortunately I can’t share a recording of the presentation, and it’s a shame because it was quite interactive! With people bringing very interesting questions/thoughts to the table…. But I can share the slides!

There you go, that was my first “brain swap” as a presenter… I hope this helps to spread some testing love between TAs/TDs out there, give it a try on your next project 😉