Hello shadertoy

I’ve been always amazed by the incredible work people share at shadertoy, it’s truly a privilege to be able to explore the gallery while taking a look at the source code right there in the browser, play around changing parameters and learning different approaches.

So, after years looking from the distance I decided to give it a try… and guess what? It’s a lot of fun!

You can even interact with it by dragging the cursor over the canvas!

My humble doodles are far from those impressive shaders of the week, but the community has proved to be an amazing one by giving very constructive feedback and I’ve certainly learned a lot while bending my mind trying to figure out how to express a certain algorithm in a parallel friendly way.

Anyway, I just wanted to recommend shadertoy to everyone: the barrier of entry has never been lower (you just need a browser), the community is truly amazing and the gallery is full of great shaders to learn from.

Don’t be shy and give it a try, you can thank me later 😉